What is Overcast?

Overcast is a video Content-as-a-Service platform that streamlines collaboration on video, images and other media.


What does that mean?

Video and other media content creators and owners require an easy-to-use, scalable, and cost-effective way to process and distribute live and stored video content in multiple formats for secure sharing, collaboration and distribution. Ultimately, people without audio-visual skills or graphic design experience need to be able to manage content without the need of always consulting an engineer, editor or graphic designer.


Storing files

By storing files in a common repository, you can make your media files available for anyone on any device. You can ingest them either by uiploading them over the internet using the Uploader, by synching them with your on-premise storage, by a direct connection using Signiant or another file transfer solution, or through a direct connection using the BYO storage option.

Overcast stores your content securely in your own bucket. When ingested, Overcast uses a number of services to enhance your content by creating proxies, adding enriched metadata, generating thumbnails, and running AI services to identify what is in the media file.

A slick UI and that is responsive to all devices allows you to access your content where ever you need to.

Advanced features also allow you to limit access at a very granular level.

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