Architectural Principles

  1. Scalable. The Overcast infrastructure is built with consideration to scaling infinitely in any region to meet demand
  2. Cloud first.  Overcast is born in the cloud and architected to orchestrate cloud services and integrate on-premise infrastructure in order to best help clients scale to the cloud
  3. Virtualisation.  Overcast believes that all compute workloads can be carried out on virtual machines in a virtual environment.  This minimises the need to buy and manage hardware and leverages the resilience of cloud infrastructure.
  4. Consolidated storage. Overcast maximises datacentres to develop common storage with common search functionality to provide consistent levels of performance.
  5. Consolidated tech stack. No solution is ever end-to-end and Overcast has developed an infrastructure to be able to integrate and reduce the number of technical solutions a single client would need to manage their content
  6. Always recoverable. The Overcast platform ensures that there is a safe and simple way of restoring data and services to clients in the event of failure or disaster.
  7. No single point of failure.  Overcast systems are designed with to be reliable and not fail. This requires providing multiple instances and loadbalancing the failover mechanisms.
  8. Secure by Design:  See Security
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