Project based metadata

If you have uploaded or imported a number of files and have a sidecar file with attributed metadata, you can import this metadata into a Project and metadata will be mapped to the corresponding file according to the Unique ID.

  1. Click on the project
  2. View content 
  3. Click on Import Metadata button (top right)
  4. Click Choose File
  5.  Choose File
  6. Upload file


  • To import metadata it must be in CSV Format
  • The first row must contain the header
  • The first column of the header must be the original file name followed by your own metadata fields.  Eg Filename, Author, Copyright, etc.
  • Below the header input the metadata values.  Eg Sample PIc, John Doe, Getty, etc.


Custom Metadata Fields and Values

Custom field and values can be created on an asset by asset basis by:

  1. Click on the asset
  2. Click on the “i” icon on the left hand navigation bar
  3. Click on Custom
  4. Add fields and values


Ingesting metadata when importing content from third party sites

If you are setting up a new account or have acquired a large number of assets from a third party and want to ingest them along with custom metadata fields, the Overcast engineering team will manage the formatting and mapping of the metadata during the ingest period.

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