Max Editor

Max Editor

Optimised editing workflows in the cloud.

Max Editor is designed to ensure your audio-visual and graphics editors can use their
preferred platforms – like Adobe or Avid – and still benefit from the collaboration and
management of cloud workflows.


Workflow continuity
Whether you edit with Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid, integrating your on-premise editing workflows with the cloud can all be managed through a single panel.
Secure Collaboration
Collaborate with colleagues, clients and others using secure links directly from the Adobe Panel or Avid Collaboration without having to download any content.
Speed of Moving Content
Help relieve the demands on editors, designers and engineers by allowing less-technical personnel to make video clips and reformat images with automated templates.

Full Stack


Specialist cloud solutions for enterprise


Adobe Premiere Pro Panel
Install the Overcast Panel directly from Adobe to integrate your editing workflows
Avid Media Central Cloud UX App
The Collaboration, Review & Approve app is available for Avid Cloud UX clients
Simple Clipping Tool
Set the in point, set the outpoint and clip – ideal for clipping content from rushes and snippets for social
Cost Optimisation Planning
Identify the optimum services for any budget
Work with our expert client services team for best results

Discover the rest of the products


Max Live Streaming

Live stream has never been so secure, easy and cost effective.

Max Storage

Store large media files and archives on flexible cloud storage.

Max Transcribe

Automate audio transcription with the latest technology.

Max Identity

Increase User security by implementing state of the art security techniques.

Max Orchestrate

Simplify your workflows and tech stacks.

Max User Interface

Personalise UI as per your industry and business requirements.

Max Editor

Utilise features such as collaboration and cloud workflows whilst using video editing tools.

Max Data

Customise dashboards for real time visibility of your preferred matrix.

Max Recognition

Reduce time and effort when searching for your content.

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