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The world’s leading enterprises trust Overcast

Cloud Video Hub

All of your video files past, present and future centralised into one single, searchable hub. Bring your video storage and workflow together in one secure, AI-enabled cloud solution.

One home for all your videos

Store, edit, collaborate and share your content from one centralised cloud platform.

Organised and secured storage
AI search and recognition
Optimised video workflows

Video collaboration solved

Say goodbye to the endless email chains, missed deadlines, and confusion caused by ineffective communication.

Reduce review cycle and speed up approvals.

Secure collaboration
Integration with editing tools
Faster decision making

AI integration for your excellence

By seamlessly integrating AI capabilities into its platform, Overcast empowers users to transcend traditional boundaries in media management.
Automate mundane tasks, streamline workflows, and unlock new levels of productivity and creativity.

AI Search for text, images, videos and many more,
Image recognition and transcription to ease your content creation process.
Unlock creativity with Generative AI

Discover Overcast AI

From AI search to Generative AI for your content evolution

Seamlessly integrating AI for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Remote editing at a faster pace

Integrated with top editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Overcast’s super-fast cloud editing platform is built for speed and performance for when your remote production teams need to access the same content from anywhere in the world.

Easy integration
Custom UI and branding
Access anytime anywhere

Workflow automation – archive retrieval

Access all your content at the touch of a button with Overcast’s “always on” intelligent archive solution.

Automate transcoding, format conversion, metadata tagging, archive, review & approval and other workflows to reduce manual effort, improve efficiency, and ensure consistent and standardised processes for managing media assets throughout their lifecycle.

Intelligent archive solution
Efficient AI powered workflows
Searchable content

Business intelligence for ROI and growth measurement

Overcast offers a customised analytics dashboard to gain insights into video usage, performance, engagement and track user behaviour.

Enable a world of data-driven decision making & optimisation of media strategies.

Custom metrics
Personalised dashboards
Expert client support

“It’s at least 10 times faster to find things. We have 27 users on four different continents from three different companies…and one very happy Alex!”

Alexandra Bailey, Media Manager, CPL.

Take a peek and see what we specialise in!


Live Streaming Asset Manager

Live stream has never been so secure, easy and cost effective.

Intelligent Cloud Storage

Store large media files and archives on flexible cloud storage.

Overcast AI

Automate audio transcription, image recognition, advanced search and many more with AI and machine learning.

Permissions & Security

Increase User security by implementing state of the art security techniques.

Developer tools & API

Simplify your workflows and tech stacks.

Collaboration & Sharing

Push the boundaries of creativity through easy collaboration and sharing designed for remote teams.

Remote Editing Workflows

Utilise features such as collaboration and cloud workflows while using video editing tools.

Media Monitoring & Analytics

Customise dashboards for real time visibility of your preferred matrix.

3D asset management

Store, edit and manage 3D assets effortlessly from one centralised platform.


Discover how easy it is to upload, search, share,
clip, review, publish and archive your video.


Integrate with editing
solutions your editors already
know and love..

Adobe Premiere Pro

Get Overcast features while editing with Adobe Premiere Pro to take video management and collaboration to the next level.

DaVinci Resolve

Get Overcast features while editing with DaVinci Resolve to take video management and collaboration to next level.


Get Overcast features while editing with Avid to take video management and collaboration to next level.

Royal Opera House Sings the Praises of Cloud-based Orchestrated Workflows

The Overcast HQ‘s Cloud MAM solution for Britain’s
Royal Opera House has been selected as a case study by MovieLabs for demonstrating principles of the MovieLabs 2030 Vision.

Our clients love what we do

“OvercastHQ is the one platform I keep coming back to”

Adrian Carty

Director/Producer, Hey Man Nice Shot

“Overcast is capable of changing the world”

Paddy Flynn

VP, Data Operations, Google

“Its at least 10 times faster to find things. We have 27 users on four different continets and three different companies….and one very happy Alex!

Alexandra Bailey,

Media Manager


Starting from $1/terabyte, enjoy storage for your media files without any limits!

Upload your media files to Overcast and enjoy your videos like never before. Choose our best-in-class cloud video storage and management service.

Overcast platform

For geeks, technologists and engineers
who understand tech stacks.

Overcast is cloud-native and built post-2015. The Overcast platform is serverless and built as a series of micro services – a major differentiator in the video asset management market.

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