Pricing plans that scale
as you grow.

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For small businesses, agencies and teams.

PRO is a ready-to-go plan designed for small agencies, freelancers or teams in larger organisations getting started with video.


For larger organisations.

MAX combines everything that is great in PRO with API access and 9 native customisable modules.

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For small teams

Total GBs: 1000
Number of users: 10
Number of Collaborators: 1
Number of Platforms: 1

$ 450.00 USD/month



Data Encryption
User access control
Security compliance

Full audit trial
Custom branding
Adobe Panel integration


For mature business

Total GBs: Unlimited
Number of users: Unlimited
Number of Collaborators: Unlimited
Number of Platforms: Unlimited

Customised pricing as per your needs






Compare To Choose The Right Plan

Core Features



Browser based
Simple to use intuitive UI
Available on mobile, tablet, PC MAC
Supports Remote working
Easy collaboration, review and approval
Automated generation of proxies for  ingested content
Smart powerful search
Automated metadata capture and creation
Secure sharing and distribution
Track all jobs
Store all digital assets including Video, Audio Stills PDF
Adobe Premiere Pro integration

Core Security



Encryption of all data and content
Full user access contol
GDPR and AWS security compliance
Full audit trail
Single tenant deployment option

Own your brand



Custom branding
Custom URLS for 3rd party sales
Complete white label solution

Storage Management



Supports hybrid storage solutions
Supports BYO storage
Sync with on premise storage
Multi-tier archiving
Custom proxy generation

Use AI to Search and find your content



Find content using keywords, objects, face and logo recognition
Frame accurate metadata search
All assets searchable whatever storage tier
Time stamped search

Advanced security



Supports Single Sign On SSO
Maintain your existing ID provider
Multi Factor Authentication
Auto Log off
Activity logging
Secure protocol compliance

Support Editorial Workflows



Adobe Panel
Avid Media Central Integration
Supports RAW and high res formats
Version control
Language and caption generation and edit

Advanced Integrations



Create custom workflows
Create Webhooks
3rd party integrations through published API

Live Streaming



Support Live stream events
Supports Live stream channel
Schedule channels with prerecorded content
Supports live ingest and storage
Supports Zoom / Teams / Meet storage



Max Live Streaming

Live stream has never been so secure, easy and cost effective.

Max Storage

Store large media files and archives on flexible cloud storage.

Max Transcribe

Automate audio transcription with latest technology.

Max Identity

Increase User security with the latest security techniques.

Max Orchestrate

Simplify your workflows and tech stacks.

Max User Interface

Personalise UI as per your industry and business requirements.

Max Editor

Utilise features such as collaboration and cloud workflows even whilst using video editing tools.

Max Data

Customise dashboards for real time visibility of your preferred matrix.

Max Recognition

Reduce time and effort when searching for your content.

Plans & Billing FAQs:

What is Overcast? Overcast provides Full Stack Video management solutions for enterprises and agencies to simplify and automate video content management in the cloud.We also help you manage all your other documents – but we specialise in video.
Who uses Overcast? Overcast is used by Enterprises to help empower their teams in making video as easy as it is to manage their word documents.
Can I try Overcast platform before purchasing it? Yes, you can try the platform before signing up as a premium user.Contact us here for that.
What integrations does Overcast platform provide? Overcast is an API–first platform and can integrate with any software solution that has an API.We offer out-of-the-box integrations with video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid as well as a number of other solutions.We specialise in integrating with your tech stack to make workflows simple.
Where are my uploaded videos and other assets stored? Any assets uploaded to Overcast are safely stored on a private cloud account powered by Amazon with multiple backups and security layers. If required, we can backup your assets to third parties as well.
What formats does Overcast support while uploading? We support more than 1200 video formats including raw, complex broadcast formats, CCTV, Bodycam and much more. If you have an unusual format that we don’t support, ask us if we can – and if we can, we will.
Can I upgrade as per requirement later? Yes, you can upgrade to any plans as per your requirements. Your enterprise account is infinitely scalable.
How do I monitor my team usage? There is a full audit log of everything that happens on the platform. It’s great for security, for monitoring progress, and for calculating RoI.
We work remotely, is that a problem? As long as you have an internet connection with access to a web browser, you can use Overcast anywhere, anytime.
What is Overcast for Adobe Premiere Pro? Overcast for Adobe Premiere Pro is an application that is available in the Adobe Exchange. It is a powerful tool for editors who want speed and efficiency when managing content.
How do I begin using Overcast for Adobe Premiere Pro? Simply navigate to the Adobe Exchange and download your version of the Overcast panel.
Will I be charged to install the Overcast extension for Adobe Premiere Pro? Nope – it’s free with your account. You can sign up as many editors as you like.
I can’t login! Whom should I reach-out? If you are an existing customer and you can’t login to your account, please reach out to your dedicated account manager.

What People Say About Overcast

“OvercastHQ is the one platform I keep coming back to”

Adrian Carty

Director/Producer, Hey Man Nice Shot

“Overcast is capable of changing the world”

Paddy Flynn

VP, Data Operations, Google

“Its at least 10 times faster to find things. We have 27 users on four different continets and three different companies….and one very happy Alex!

Alexandra Bailey,

Media Manager

Whether you are curious about the products, features, or any of the technology – we’re ready to answer any and all questions.

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