Case Studies

Case Studies

YETI Case Study

YETI uses Overcast Max to upgrade international video creation and distribution.

Diageo Case Study

In just 6 months Diageo have been able to reframe their global video experience and empower teams around the world to do in minutes what used to take days, weeks and even months.

Zahra – a case study

Zahra is a full-service content agency with owned media in the Food and Parenting verticals. Their mission is to connect brands with audiences through the creation and distribution of purposeful content.

Godolphin – a case study

Introducing a more streamlined, user-friendly system has enabled Godolphin’s global teams to find and share content easily. Managing content is now straightforward — anyone can find the pictures and videos they need for marketing collateral, when they need it, and so much faster!

Vodafone – a case study

Vodafone – a case study The following is a brief introduction to our Vodafone Case Study which can be viewed in full below. The Challenge: Vodafone Ireland launched TV services […]

Avid – a case study

Avid – a case study The following is a brief introduction to our Avid Case Study which can be viewed in full below. “As demand for video grows, AVID has […]

TV3 / Virgin Media – a case study

TV3 / Virgin Media – a case study The following is a brief introduction to our TV3 / Virgin Media Case Study which can be viewed in full below. The […]

Shinawil – a case study

Shinawil are masters of their trade and they need a reliable platform to get the work to the client quickly and easily.
Overcast is that platform. Overcast makes it fast, easy and secure to send drafts of work to clients for approval or comment.

Irish Daily Mail – a case study

The Irish Daily Mail built an in-house studio to become an agency creating video content for in-house editorial and external clients.   They needed to create simple workflows to ingest multiple formats, capture live social content and  publish on multiple web platforms as well as multiple social platforms.

The Irish Times – a case study

One of the leading producers of high-quality news video, The Irish Times reaches 10s of 1000s of viewers every single day. And in the growing world of online video, staying competitive demands a fast, painless workflow.

Edelman PR – a case study

When you’re relied upon by brands like Ryanair, Visa and Danone, PR firms like Edelman need to be able to deliver first-in-class work on schedule. By making video collaboration and management much easier,
Overcast has helped them meet their video challenges.

DCU – a case study

As DCU grows and grows, so do its media needs. Rather than spend all their time logging in and out of sub-optimal solutions, Overcast has helped DCU staff manage their video management with ease.

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