Encryption is used to maintain the highest industry standards for the authentication, integrity and privacy of data in transit and at rest

The Overcast platform is web based and uses HTTPS which indicates that the website is protected by Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security. Data sent between you and the website is encrypted so the information is private, and that the website is identified to be what it claims to be.

Overcast also partners with Amazon Web Services to provide AES256 data encryption of all files uploaded and downloaded from the cloud storage facility.

Overcast increases security by using tokens based on customer defined roles. This protection is important where a customer provides access to their storage account to third parties like producers who upload video content.

All transfers of data are tracked and time-stamped for traceability.  This makes it easy to monitor the flow of data into and out of an account.

All Overcast email communication uses encryption and authentication.  Overcast uses Transport Layer Security (TLS), a protocol that encrypts and delivers mail securely, prevents eavesdropping and spoofing (message forgery) between mail servers. TLS is a standards-based protocol based on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).  TLS is rapidly being adopted as the standard for secure email.

TLS supports the use of digital certificates to authenticate the receiving servers.

Overcast uses DKIM – a method for validating a domain name identity that is associated with a message through cryptographic authentication.

For user login, Overcast uses 2-step user authentication. This process verifies that the receivers (or senders) are who they say they are.

All passwords are encrypted and stored in a database using modern cryptography according to OWASP best practices.

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