Asset FAQ

  1. What is the difference between an Asset and a File?
  • A file only contains information about itself, whereas an asset can contain information relating to multiple copies of the same underlying media file.


  1. What file types are supported?
  • Overcast supports a vast array of formats.


  1. Can I bulk update the metadata on multiple assets at once?
  • Yes.  Please see Ingest for more information.


  1. How many versions of an asset can I create?
  • You can make unlimited versions of an asset and you can copy them to different projects if you like.


  1. Is it possible to upload a new version of an asset?
  • Yes. New versions can be uploaded. If they have the same title, they will have a (2) after the name.  You can manage versions by grouping them together. To group them together:


  1. Click on the asset until the green border is illuminated
  2. Drag the asset and place it on top of the other version
  3. Unclick the mouse. You will see a small v1 and v2 appear in the thumbnail metadata indicating that they are now versioned together.
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