There are 3 main roles of users of your account.


Admins are top-level users who can do everything a Team Member can, but who has extra system-wide powers. They can, among other things:

  • See all projects
  • add and remove Team Members and collaborators
  • change account details
  • change user permissions
  • make content public
  • Create live events


Team Members

The bulk of your users will be team members. Generally Team Members are the people who do all the work managing the content, sharing it and collaborating on it.  Team members usually have a company email address that matches the account.



Collaborators are usually clients, freelancers or junior members of the team who have very limited functionality. They are:

  • Attached to one project at a time
  • Able to see only the projects they are attached to 
  • Able to comment on all files

Permissions can be restricted individually on:

  • download
  • upload
  • view metadata
  • image transformation 
  • cut video
  • manage folders
  • manage labels


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