Max Live Streaming

Max Live Streaming

Max Live Streaming is a simple and secure way to live stream broadcast events, town-hall meetings,
sermons, training and everything else you can think of. Get up and running in seconds.


Low-cost secure solution.
Secure live streaming used to be prohibitively expensive – now your event can make money and you can keep it
Fast and easy set-up.
It’s all about bringing non-tech employees into the workflow and letting them manage the content
Cloud-based for instant scaling.
Be certain that you can deliver the content to your audience. And never worry about running out of bandwidth

Full Stack


Specialist cloud solutions for enterprise


Adaptive HD streaming
Ensure your audience sees your content
Secure Network
Manage your viewers with enterprise grade security
Unlimited Scale
Grow your audience without limits
Channel Creation
Easily create a channel by dragging-and-dropping content
Video Collaboration
Essential to be able to manage your content efficiently

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Max Live Streaming

Live stream has never been so secure, easy and cost effective.

Max Storage

Store large media files and archives on flexible cloud storage.

Max Transcribe

Automate audio transcription with the latest technology.

Max Identity

Increase User security by implementing state of the art security techniques.

Max Orchestrate

Simplify your workflows and tech stacks.

Max User Interface

Personalise UI as per your industry and business requirements.

Max Editor

Utilise features such as collaboration and cloud workflows whilst using video editing tools.

Max Data

Customise dashboards for real time visibility of your preferred matrix.

Max Recognition

Reduce time and effort when searching for your content.

If you are curious about the products, features, or any of the technology – we’re ready to answer any of your questions.

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