To post a comment on an asset, first go to the asset page by clicking on the home button:

  1. Play the video. 
  2. In the window under the title ‘Comments’, start typing at the point in the video where you’d like to leave a comment. The video will pause as you are typing. 
  3. If you would like to change the settings, click the three white dots to the right of the Comment button. You can turn off Pause While Typing so that the video continues to play while you type, Store Time so that your comment will not refer to a specific moment in the video, and Send On Enter which means you’ll need to click the green Comment button to send.
  4. When you have finished typing, either hit Enter on your keyboard (if this setting is enabled) or click the green Comment button.


To reply to a reviewer’s comment:

  1. Click “Reply” under the comment you want to reply to.
  2. Then, in the window under the title ‘Comments’, type your comment.
  3. Click the green “Comment” button to post.
  4. You will see that it is nested beneath the original comment
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