User FAQ

  1. Can I share my account with other users?
  • No.  Each user has a separate login and account – this is defined in your license agreement.


  1. Who can see my user account?
  • Only other users that are part of the same Overcast account as you can see your user account.


  1. Who can see my password?
  • Nobody other than you. It’s encrypted and stored in a way that makes it impossible for anyone to access your password.


  1. Can my original password be restored?
  • No. For your security, passwords are stored in a way that we can never retrieve them.


  1. What if I forget the email address I signed up with?
  • Try your company email address, since this is the most common option Overcast users choose.


  1. Why don’t I have access to certain features in Overcast?
  • (a) Your user profile does not permit you to have access to those features, or
  • (b) You don’t belong to a User Group that has the role necessary to access those features.
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