This is a short tutorial on how to manage all your video content stored in Overcast through your Adobe Premiere Pro Panel


The first thing you want to do is get logged in.  To do that:

  1. Go to Adobe exchange – https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.105076.html
  2. Choose Overcast 
  3. And login


Now, the first thing you will see by default is all the projects open and all the videos in your library – this is the home asset page.

The next thing you are going to want to do is import some assets to create a new sequence.

There are 2 main ways to find your content – search or browse by project. To browse by project: 

  • Click on the project drop down menu
  • Choose the project you are working with 
  • Find your video asset
  • Click on the import button
  • Choose the original or proxy – or import both
  • The content will then be saved to your local disk 
  • And it will appear in the project panel below the assets
  • An indicator will appear below the asset indicating whether you have imported the original or the proxy.


The second way to import content is to use the search bar

  • Search “timelapses” (must have comments on it)
  • then import the original and the proxy


Now – let’s move on to working with assets

  • You can easily toggle between working with proxies and originals using this button here
  • You can preview the asset by clicking on the thumbnail and pressing play
  • If there are comments you can review the comments by clicking the comment button
  • You can review the asset info by clicking the info button


Next – we’ll show you how to upload a new sequence to your Overcast account

  • Start by creating the new sequence out of the assets you’ve imported
  • Then – to upload that sequence, simply click on the upload button
  • Choose the new format from the preset formats
  • Then you need to choose a project and possibly a folder to store it in – in your Overcast account.
  • Then click the upload button.
  • Then you will be asked to save the new sequence to an output directory. This will start the media encoder to render your new version. When this is complete – it will automatically upload your new sequence.

Note: The system recognises duplications and will only upload new files 


And then you will have your new file in your Overcast account.


I hope this helps you with all your content management in the future.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro Integration
  • Download, import and upload assets
  • Logging into the panel
  • Logging out of the panel
  • View and Browse assets
  • Installing the Overcast Panel in Premiere Pro
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