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The world's leading brands trust Overcast to radically simplify and automate the job of managing video from camera to distribution to archive.

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How Overcast Changes the Game

Media and Entertainment

Scale your distribution to multiple platforms

Security and Policing

Standardise cloud workflows for speed and efficiency

Sports Organisations and Sponsors

Engage clients with a superior experience

Enterprise Brands

Composable architecture to future-proof your business

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Nice Comments From Nice People

"OvercastHQ is the one platform I keep coming back to"

Adrian Carty

Director/Producer, Hey Man Nice Shot
"Overcast is capable of changing the world"

Paddy Flynn

"Great people to work with"

Paul P.

K2 Performance

Video Content-as-a-Service (VCaaS)

a new standard for business

Simplify your tech stack

Manage your video and other digital content from a single platform. Simply and easily integrate your existing technologies – or decommission them over time.

VCaas Read more

The old approach to video content management is wrong

Traditionally, video was siloed in organisations while managed by engineers and editors. Now, with the advances in automation and AI services, video can be managed across an organisation by less-technical employees.

Collaborate with ease Read more

Video content distribution is changing

Most organisations now deliver video across a number of channels – broadcast, web, social, apps, affiliate networks, in-store, stadiums. Previously, when organisations introduced new channels of distribution they would also create new content pipelines. This led to silos and costly duplication. Now we can work from a “single source of truth” and manage it with a “single pane of glass.”

Support multi-platform distribution Read more

Scaling the distribution of video is core to all enterprise organisations

Whether you are a Hollywood studio, publisher, or simply a business that understands the power of video, you’ll know that we pay a lot to produce quality content. Value is only derived when we distribute it – and to maximize that value it’s essential to simplify the supply chain.

Scale without the “big hit” Read more

Adding value through microservices

There are plenty of tools that have been used for a single purpose – storage, transcoding and metadata enrichment to name a few. Value is created when you consolidate and orchestrate those microservices for speed and efficiency.

APIs and microservices are king Read more


Fundamentally Different

Changing the game for video content owners…

Cloud Native Architecture

Cloud Native Architecture

We were born in the cloud. That’s very different from traditional DAMs, MAMs, PAMs and CMSs that are lifted and shifted to the cloud. It’s all about micro-services orchestrated for your specific needs

Video Content-as-a-Service

Transcoder First

With more than 500 video formats and 5,000 cctv formats, you need a solution that 1. guarantees your upload and 2. ensures you can stream to all devices. That’s why we use 5 different transcoders

Workflow Automation

Our award-winning design and UI mask the automation of complex video processes. We make it easy for non-techies to engage with the video supply chain


Cost / Sales Optimisation

Small teams can choose off-the-shelf SaaS solutions while larger organisations can take advantage of access to real-time usage data, cost simulations and secure audit logs 

Ready to free up time and save money on video workflow?

Most Popular Features

For every problem in video and creative, Overcast has a solution. From hundred-layered PSD files to managing thousands of videos, Overcast does it all.

Accelerated File Transfer

Upload files to Overcast up to 200x faster than normal. Whoosh!

White-Label Branding

Keep your brand intact and your clients on board with white label digital asset management.

Publish On Social

Crisp, perfect video to social media. In exactly the right format that different social networks require.

Collaboration Toolkit

Share, comment and approve videos and projects as a team.

Edit Your Digital Assets

Need to make a quick clip for a client? Or a gif for social media? Or pull a clip for broadcast? Do it in 3 clicks.

Storage for Digital Assets

No more deleting video to make space, or condensing down, or shoeboxes full of USB drives.


End-to-end encryption, AES256 data encryption and Signiant. Your content is secure in your heavily-encrypted private cloud.

Metadata Management

Overcast supports and records just about every conceivable form of metadata from digital assets, making them easily searchable later.

Search and Filtering

Even with millions of hours of video, you can filter down to the exact clip you're looking for in seconds.

Multi-Format Transcode Video Assets

No messing about with wrappers. Overcast will convert any video asset type to another about 600% faster than your desktop, completely losslessly.

Voice Recognition

Our voice recognition technology allows you to record using your voice, allowing for more expedient workflows around feedback.

Image Recognition

Thanks to recent advances in machine-learning, we now possess functionality that enables our clients to assign metadata to images using image recognition technology.

Overcast Panel for Premiere Pro

Speed your editing process and increase your review and approval process by 75%.

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