Collaborating on content for review and approval is at the heart of the Overcast platform. Anyone can click on an asset and make a comment on the right hand side or click the “Drop a Pin” button the bottom of the image or player to place an annotation on the file. 


To share with others for review and approvals, you can send a secure link of an asset to others to ask them to review an asset or to approve it. To do this:

  • Click on the asset
  • Click on the Send for Review or Send for Approve button on the left hand navigation bar
  • A templated email will appear with the file name in the subject line. Simply chose the people or groups you want to send it to, add a message and press send.
  • The reviewer will receive an email with a secure link that will bring him back to the exact asset that was shared where they can make their reviews and approvals.
  • If someone declines to approve an asset, a red ‘Rejected’ box will be visible on that asset page beside the reviewer’s name and their feedback. If someone approves an asset, a green ‘Approved’ box with a tick will be visible on that asset page beside their name.
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