Overcast AI

Elevate Your Media Experience with Overcast AI: From Creation to Curation

Overcast AI

Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, AI brings unparalleled efficiency and precision to the management of diverse media assets.

Generative AI

Overcast’s Generative AI Image and Video Analyser leverages state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs) to anlayse and describe images and videos in a variety of ways.

Image recognition and description: Instantly recognises objects, scenes, and patterns within images.
Emotion Detection: Using deep learning models trained for facial recognition and emotion detection, the AI analyser could analyse facial expressions within images.
Visual Search: Integrating with image similarity algorithms, the bot could perform visual search tasks, allowing users to search for visually similar images based on a query image.

Automated transcription

Overcast uses the latest AI and Machine Learning to transcribe the audio content in a video.

Automated transcription lets businesses and content creators to easily access, search, and repurpose their multimedia content.

Automated recognition

Automated recognition of images and videos, enables automatic identification and analysis of objects, scenes, patterns, and even emotions within visual content.

Overcast uses the latest AI and machine learning to identify people, places, things and events in videos and images. Unique algorithms for video content significantly reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to manage content.

Metadata tagging

AI can automatically analyse and tag media content with relevant metadata, making it easier to search, categorise, and manage large media libraries. This can include identifying objects, people, locations, and themes within images and videos.

smart search

Refine searches for images, events, people and more using Smart Search.

Whether it’s finding a specific image, video, or document, or exploring content based on specific attributes, smart search streamlines the retrieval process, saving valuable time and effort.

Uncover your media content with

AI-powered Search

Elevate your search experience with the power of AI




AI-driven automation can seamlessly handle large volumes of media assets, ensuring that content remains organized and accessible even as the library expands.

Advanced Search

AI can ensure precise tagging, metadata assignment, and content categorization. This leads to enhanced searchability, easier content retrieval, and a reduction in errors that often arise from human inconsistencies.

Big data accessibility

Many organisations are now creating more content than it is possible to watch – use Max Recognition to manage your archive

Full Stack


Specialist cloud solutions for enterprise

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Live Streaming Asset Manager

Live stream has never been so secure, easy and cost effective.

Intelligent Cloud Storage

Store large media files and archives on flexible cloud storage.

Overcast AI

Automate audio transcription, image recognition, advanced search and many more with AI and machine learning.

Permissions & Security

Increase User security by implementing state of the art security techniques.

Developer tools & API

Simplify your workflows and tech stacks.

Collaboration & Sharing

Push the boundaries of creativity through easy collaboration and sharing designed for remote teams.

Remote Editing Workflows

Utilise features such as collaboration and cloud workflows while using video editing tools.

Media Monitoring & Analytics

Customise dashboards for real time visibility of your preferred matrix.

3D asset management

Store, edit and manage 3D assets effortlessly from one centralised platform.

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