Why Overcast?

Make managing video as easy as managing Word™ documents.


We have a vision for video production and management which we call Full Stack Video Management. It means being flexible enough to meet your specific needs, be they simple or complex. Ingest once, store once.

We double down on security and user management. The UI is simple to use and can be customised to become part of your brand.


Ingest and store
all your content
in the cloud

We ingest digital files, live streams or
on demand video straight into the cloud.

All assets are created or ingested straight into the cloud and do not need to be moved for edit or publishing.
Proxies and metadata is created for all ingested files.
Thumbnails are created for all files for ease of use.

Applications come
to the media not
the other way round

We ensure your content stays at the hub of your operations and is easily accessible
by your teams wherever they are.

For editors we provide an Adobe Plugin,
Avid Media Central and Divinci integration.
We support remote working for better collaboration .
We support workspace in the cloud technologies
including NICE DCV and Teradici.

Distribute assets
without downloading

You no longer need to send files and download. You just give people access.

We embed and link to publish content and only send as a last resort.
More secure – only named recipients get access via email.
Saves expense of downloading from cloud.

“When you get a DAM thats when you know you need a MAM”

Now since you know the need of MAM, you need Overcast

Archive material
is searchable and
instantly available

Search is via proxies which
we create on ingest of all material.

Always searchable through keyword or
AI attribute like logos or faces.
Metadata is fully configurable to meet
even the most complex needs.
Easy archive UI to reduce storage costs.

Content is secure and protected

Overcast works with Amazon Web Services and other cloud providers to meet the highest standards
in video content security.

All content is encrypted at rest and in transit.
Full audit trail of all activity is provided and
filterable for effective analysis.
GDPR compliant.

Easy user management

Take control of all your users with
granular user access control.

Control access by account and by project.
Invite collaborators securely and
easily into your project.
Select if users can edit move review or
even delete content.

Our clients love what we do

RoyalOpera House

“We have been looking for a video management solution that provides all the advantages of cloud deployment yet remains simple to use for non-technical staff in all our organisation including the Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet. Against strong competition, Overcast HQ provided the most compelling solution and understanding of our unique requirements.””​

James Whitebread

CTO Royal Opera House

“The personal touch from Philippe, Zsolt and George in teaching us how to use the system and fixing a couple of network errors has been incredible. Their support in helping us meet Godolphin’s needs confirms that we made the right choice in Overcast.”

Neil Adcock

Media Manager, CPL

“The review and approval process within Overcast has made it a lot clearer for everyone who is working on the project: clients, videographer, our team. It’s so helpful being able to compare older to newer versions side-by-side using time codes.” 

Alan Breslin

Production Coordinator, Zahra Media Group

If you are curious about the products, features, or any of the technology – we’re ready to answer any of your questions.

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