Solutions to take control of your Video workflows

Overcast CORE and Overcast MAX – next generation cloud applications for production, collaboration, storage and distribution

Overcast CORE – Team and Pro

SaaS applications for teams and small business

  • Available off-the-shelf. Sign up online
  • Enable global collaboration in seconds
  • Secure sharing and distribution
  • Transcode video – broadcast, web, social, CCTV
  • Reformat images in seconds with templates

Overcast MAX

Managed SaaS – solutions to improve your workflows and tech stack

  • Never pay more than you need to – BYO Storage
  • Use AI to enhance your metadata – Transcribe and Recognition
  • Integrate your tech stack and decommission legacy tech
  • Secure your workflows with SSO and 2FA
  • Future proof your business – simulate your costs before investing

MAX Modules

With MAX Modules you can take back control of your IT infrastructure. Choose what you need and secure the benefits of a modular architecture.

Max Live Streaming
  • Fast, easy set-up and launch
  • Schedule channels with pre-recorded content
  • Live from anywhere with a bandwidth connection
  • Perfect for broadcasting events, conferences, town halls, sermons
Max Storage
  • BYO Storage account with AWS
  • Sync with on-premise
  • Multi-tier archive
  • Proxy generation
  • Metadata extraction
  • Smart search
  • Perfect for content owners with more than 10TB of content
Max Transcribe
  • Transcribe and log all your content automatically
  • Time-stamped search
  • Transcript editing
  • Caption generation: VTT, SRT, Avid SubCap TXT, more
  • Perfect for news, agencies, advertisers and product owners
Max Recognition
  • Automated recognition analysis for both video and images
  • No expertise needed to use Timecoded metadata entry
  • Perfect for media organisations, policing, health and safety, more
Max UI
  • Custom banding
  • Custom URLs for 3rd party sales
  • Custom UI Changes to match your industry terminology
  • Complete white-label solution for tech stack integration
  • Perfect for large organisation with complex tech stacks
Max Orchestrate
  • Customise workflows
  • Easily Integrate existing tech stacks and scale to the cloud
  • Decommission legacy technology
  • Maximise savings by paying cloud costs directly to AWS
  • Ideal for organisations looking to solve anything from a single problem to replacing supply chains
Max Identity
  • Secure registration and sign in
  • Supports Single Sign On and multiple authentication protocols
  • Maintain your existing identity provider
  • 2-factor identification
  • Auto log-off for inactivity
Max Editor
  • Adobe Premiere Pro integration and panel – manage all workflows from a single interface
  • AVID Media Central Cloud UX integration
  • Clipping tool for snippets
  • Image transformation templates and distribution for social and ecommerce
  • Perfect for content owners with more than 10TB of content
Max Simulator
  • Simulate the cost of your workflows
  • Multiple inputs and customisable assumptions for volume of content, workflows and number of users
  • Control costs and cashflow
  • Perfect for CTOs and third party resellers.

Video Cloud Service Integrator

Who for

  • Enterprise clients – with key product or total platform solutions
  • Intermediaries with a range of critical component solutions
  • SIs or Tech companies with integration strategies

Efficiently over fixed line, mobile and cloud

  • Native cloud deployment
  • Sync with on-premise for hybrid solutions
  • Upstream and downstream optimisation

Tech innovation

  • Seamless, secure
  • Resilient, agile, responsive
  • Multi-vendor operability

Video workflow capability in how, when, where and who accesses video content

  • Processing
  • Publishing
  • Archiving
  • Searching and retrieving

Enhancing our client's business performance

  • Reducing cost
  • Accelerate operational efficiencies and productivity
  • Aid competitiveness
  • Deliver demand through unmatched end-user experience


  • Media & Entertainment
  • Policing, forensics and security
  • Multi-national FMCG
  • Health

Act as a trusted partner

  • Deep video asset management and broadcasting experience and expertise in our people
  • Enthusiasm, energy, willingness and tenacity that our team brings to the business (internally and to clients)

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