When a video asset with dialogue is uploaded, subtitles are automatically created for it. To view or edit the subtitles, first go to the asset page:

  1. From the vertical icon panel at the left-hand side of the screen, click the Subtitles button — it’s the ninth one down and the icon is a capital ‘T’ with an up-down arrow.
  2. When you play your video, the subtitles will scroll if the AutoScroll button is in the On position.
  3. To edit your subtitles, slide the Show Edit button into the On position. Click on the pencil icon beside a word that you want to edit. Re-type the word and click the Save button (disk icon). If you want to delete the word, click the trash can icon instead of the Save button.
  4. To move the word from line to line, simply drag and drop the word. Only one word can be moved at a time.
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