Overcast CEO Interviewed On IABM TV in Las Vegas

April 2019 was a very exciting month at Overcast HQ! We played our hand in Las Vegas and won.

We attended two global trade shows, announced two major partnerships and participated in an IABM TV discussion.

At Avid Connect 2019 we launched the integration of our software with the world’s premier edit suite. Our presence there has already led to collaborations with some high profile Hollywood clients. 

At NAB 2019, we spent an exciting four days on the Amazon Web Services stand. We were selected by AWS from technology companies worldwide as one of its 12 key tech partners for the event.

While in Las Vegas, Overcast CEO Philippe Brodeur was invited to be a panellist on IABM TV’s discussion about trends in content creation. Here’s what he had to say:


About Overcast HQ Ltd.

Overcast HQ provides powerful video management solutions that streamline how businesses review, approve and collaborate on video using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Built on Amazon Web Services and integrated with Microsoft Azure as well as Google Cloud, Overcast is available around the world and delivers enterprise security, redundancy and scale. Overcast is offered as both a SaaS video and digital asset management service or as an OEM solution that can be integrated through its RESTful API directly into a tech stack.

For further information, please contact Philippe Brodeur on +353-(0)86-834-7881 or philippe@overcasthq.com.

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