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To make it as easy for teams to manage video as it is to manage a word document.

At the end of the day, it’s just data.

About Us
digital transformation

8. Digital transformation is about embracing video

By 2021, 90% of global organisations will rely on system integrators, agencies and channel partners to design, build and implement their digital strategies. Currently, less than 1% of eCommerce sites are video enabled whereas virtually all social is now video.

ai machine learning

7. Use AI and Machine Learning to reduce the complexity of video

New developments in AI mean that many of the mundane technical tasks (like transcoding) can now be automated and optimised. By automating these tasks, video management can be expanded within an organisation to less technical employees creating efficiencies.

content systems developer business users

6. Content systems should support both the developer and business users

Developers are able to access APIs or services that allow them to maintain a “single point of truth” for the content while making it possible to easily develop new channels of distribution.

support new channels of distribution

5. Support new channels of distribution

Content is distributed everywhere, by multiple types of organisations and for multiple reasons. Content management solutions need to support all “tier 2” customer interactions

service infrastructure modular

4. Service Infrastructure should be modular

To future-proof your technology roadmap, new infrastructures should be cloud-native, API-orientated solutions that orchestrate micro-services and are able to be containerised on-premise.

Manage legacy technology

3. When managing legacy technology – avoid the “big hit”

Scale your operations to be able to deliver video content to new channels from a single point of truth. Use simpler tools so that more employees can manage the content.

Video content secure

2. Video content should be secured

Content should be secured on-premise, in the cloud, and in transit. Audit logs should allow content owners to track the details of content lifecycles.

Video is a collaborative medium

1. Video is a collaborative medium

Creating professional video content is complex. From a 1-minute product video to a 2-hour movie, there is one workflow that is core to creation and often forgotten – collaboration, review and approvals.

Philippe Brodeur speaking about our mission

Overcast Mission

See our Founder, Philippe Broduer, explain how Overcast helps companies manage and collaborate around video.


Our Story

With more than 40 years of experience in broadcasting, telecoms, marketing, web development and eCommerce – we decided it was time to build a video platform that their customers would like to use.

What is Overcast video

Overcast Platform – What is Overcast?

For years, we’ve been told that video is the best way to market our business. But they can be expensive and difficult to make. Here’s the problem: videos come in so many formats and are so huge that they’re difficult to store, share and collaborate on.

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