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Our Mission

To make it as easy for teams to manage video as it is to manage a word document.

At the end of the day, it’s just data.

Our Mission

See our Founder, Philippe Broduer, explain how Overcast helps companies manage and collaborate around video.

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TV3 is the first commercial television channel in Republic of Ireland. They consist of three separated channels: 3,  3e and be3. TV3 was recently bought by Virgin Media. Overcast managed to solve some of TV3’s pain-points such as collaboration and approval process when working with production companies and clients. After a years of patching with multiple consumer cloud solutions, now they have a single enterprise solution which saves them a lot of time and unnecessary emails.


Our Story

With more than 40 years of experience in broadcasting, telecoms, marketing, web development and eCommerce – we decided it was time to build a video platform that their customers would like to use.

Our Partners

Our technical partners are leaders in their field. From speed to security and reliability.

What is Overcast video

Video about our Platform – What is Overcast?

For years, we’ve been told that video is the best way to market our business. But they can be expensive and difficult to make. Here’s the problem: videos come in so many formats and are so huge that they’re difficult to store, share and collaborate on.


Shinawil are masters of their trade and they need a reliable platform to get the work to the client quickly and easily.
Overcast is that platform. Overcast makes it fast, easy and secure to send drafts of work to clients for approval or comment.

Great to work with the Irish Daily Mail!

It hasn’t been long since the Irish Daily Mail started leading the world in online video journalism.

Welcome aboard, The Irish Times!

One of the leading producers of high-quality news video, The Irish Times reaches 10s of 1000s of viewers every single day. And in the growing world of online video, staying competitive demands a fast, painless workflow.


When you’re relied upon by brands like Ryanair, Visa and Danone, PR firms like Edelman need to be able to deliver first-in-class work on schedule. By making video collaboration and management much easier,
Overcast has helped them meet their video challenges.


As DCU grows and grows, so do its media needs. Rather than spend all their time logging in and out of sub-optimal solutions, Overcast has helped DCU staff manage their video management with ease.

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