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Overcast MAX #8: Max Identity

A ginormous amount of business is conducted online these days and most of it requires us to provide personal and corporate data. We know that our health and banking data needs to be encrypted but what about our corporate assets? 

Video is one of the most commonly-used digital assets. It’s predominantly used for marketing but in recent years it’s been widely adopted for use in HR, training, tutorials, corporate communications, products and many other business functions.

Most of these functions involve teams collaborating on videos. Up until now this has been difficult with a number of shadow IT solutions creeping into the workplace. And now remote working has amplified the problem so that it is no longer possible for one employee to keep the video files on a hard drive either under or beside their desk.  

Team members need to be able to share video files, review them, comment on them, and publish them in different formats; therefore, a new solution is required.

A cloud-based video asset management platform provides all of the functionality mentioned above — but it needs to be secure.

Overcast has created a suite of products built on intelligent cloud architecture to make your video collaboration quick and easy. Overcast Max includes products that lower your costs, use AI to search, future-proof your business and — as detailed below — secure your workflows.

Protect digital assets online with Max Identity

Max Identity is your ticket to keeping your digital video assets under lock and key — to which only you and your collaborators have access. 

One key way to protect digital assets is Single Sign On (SSO), which gives users a single login for multiple applications. Most large organisations already have SSO so it’s often a matter of integrating it with the application.

Your identity is further protected by a number of other techniques, including two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication and auto log off.

Benefits of Max Identity

Increased user security

The more people who are connected (departments, customers, vendors, partners), the higher the risk — but SSO makes your operation less vulnerable and provides increased security. When it comes to video, there have been exceptions made because of the file size. But when you think about it, that’s nuts — would you expect Hollywood studios to send hard drives around or use unsecured networks? Not any more…

Simplified user management

Statistics show that 480,000 passwords are stolen each day! (BreachAlarm). That’s almost half a million passwords. Every single day!

We encourage personnel to develop stronger passwords (they only need to remember one), which will reduce the workload for your IT department when there are personnel changes…and make them happier. This is really about best practice.

Increased speed

Think about sectors in which large numbers of people need immediate access to the same applications: police forces, hospitals and emergency services. SSO is vital in preventing errors, malware and providing an audit log of all activities.

Get in touch

At the end of the day, MAX Identity is all about making sure you keep your video safe just as you would any document.

If you have any questions about identity security or any of the Overcast Max solutions, please do get in touch. Philippe would be delighted to chat with you about your video workflows — you can reach him on or you can click here to contact us.

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