Managing video can be difficult – the files are big and complex making them difficult to share and store. And it’s not uncommon to save your content on multiple drives and disks making them impossible to search.

Overcast overcomes these problems. We take care of all of the technical stuff in the background and let you manage your videos as easily as you might your Word documents.

January 20, 2017

Search & Filter

When you store your content on Overcast, you can use the powerful search and filter tools to find anything fast. Oh – and we don’t just search the title – we search any of the comments you make when collaborating or shot-listing.

Edit Lite

Now you no longer need an editor to create a short clip to post on Twitter or call your post-house if you want to re-use a shot in a new project.
Just do it yourself with clipping tool. Set in and out points and clip – it couldn’t be easier.


All data is encrypted, stored in multiple locations and we use bank-grade authentication processes to make sure that only you see your content.

Accelerated File Transfer

Today, all files grow in sizes so the challenge is which transfer methods to use. This is why file transfer acceleration comes in.

Searchable Archive

With the offer of infinite scaling comes infinite archiving.
Archiving on Overcast lets you access your current projects with ease and lets you search anything and everything you’ve uploaded.

Cloud-Based CMS

Overcast makes managing videos as easy as managing word documents.
Uploading, editing, downloading, and sharing assets can all be done quickly and easily.


The process is called trancoding and it’s done automatically. Then when you need to reformat the video for publishing on the web or a social platform like Facebook or Youtube, we make that as easy as pressing a single button.

Metadata Management

Much of the metadata management is automated and standardised.
But different businesses have different ways of storing their content so if you want to add custom fields we allow you to do that too.


Overcast partners with Amazon Web Services to offer infinitely scalable and secure storage.
There’s no limit to the creativity you can muster, so why should there be a limit to how much you can store?

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