Policing and Security

Overcast partners with AWS and Kinesense to bring you a cloud-based DEM that is changing the way evidence is securely managed.
Overcast’s Digital Evidence Management (DEM) system for police and security forces is designed to make it faster, easier and less costly to manage and collaborate on evidence.
The system supports all files, and specialises in video, making it possible to view, review, share and collaborate on any format from any device.
Our unique solution eliminates investigation delays and costs associated with the physical transfer of data between colleagues and the prosecution service.


A Central Evidence Hub

Securely upload, search and review evidence from anywhere


How Overcast and Kinesense built A DEM that eliminates €600k of costs for a police force by eliminating physical transfers

“Sharing video with prosecutors is considered to be one of the greatest challenges experienced by police.”

UK CoPaCC National police ICT user survey

Security for the Security Industry


DPP Committed to Security and ISO27001 compliance in the cloud protects data at source


All users are authorised when logging in and a full audit log tracks all actions on the platform

Identity management

Multi-factor authentication, encryption and access control ensure security

Solving the key issues in DEM with speed, efficiency and cost

Evidence Collection

Evidence – whether from the public, a crime scene or from various departments – can all be uploaded and categorised using process automation. Eliminate the need for USBs and couriers – saving 1,000s of hours per force.

Evidence analysis

Use the latest AI and machine learning to identify events in video timelines and reduce the time it takes to analyse evidence by up to 98%. And retain access to all “parent” and “child” exhibits from a single interface.

Evidence Sharing

Sharing evidence on time with those that need it is critical. Physical evidence can easily be lost and is costly and slow to move around. The Overcast DEM eliminates these risks and allows instant access to evidence to those with permission.


A single evidence hub has multiple benefits: reducing the time it takes to find evidence by up to 98%, reducing the cost of managing the lifecycle of evidence by hundreds of thousands of euros, and by creating modern workflows that eliminate the stress and difficulty of working with critical files.

Interoperable systems

There are more than 2,000 IT systems used by the UK police forces alone. Many are legacy, don’t talk to each other and create serious bottlenecks. Start on the path to future-proofing workflows with composable IT infrastructure.

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