Broadcasters and Telcos

Be agile – deliver and receive programmes with ease. And empower your sales, promotions and marketing departments with rights-cleared video.

Broadcasters and Telcos

We all love watching great TV, and some critics have even called this the second Golden Age of Television.  Netflix, Amazon Prime and a whole host of other online distributors have changed the ecosystem forever.  Broadcasters and telcos have been forced to change their ways and re-evaluate their business models.  And many have decided that producing their own content – be long form for consumer consumption or short form for promotion – it’s all about connecting with the viewers online.

But it’s not that easy – even for the experts. The cost of content creation and distribution onto multiple platforms can be expensive and work practices need to change.

Traditionally, broadcasters and telcos would swap out one system for another and incur large capex costs.  But that doesn’t have to be the way. Overcast is designed to help broadcasters and telcos scale their online presence in their own time.  To start by dipping a toe in the water and get their strategy right as they work through the changes.

The Overcast solution for enterprise video content owners is designed:

  • To help them scale into the cloud without having to change proven workflows.
  • Reduce the capital costs associated with on-premise storage facilities.
  • Build relationships with producers and other broadcasters around the world.
  • Open new market and sales opportunities.

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