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Overcast’s Media Pipeline Management solution is built on AWS using the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. As a video management platform, Overcast also deploys a suite of AWS Elemental services including MediaConvert, MediaPackage and MediaLive through our AWS partnership.

Built post-2015, the Overcast platform is cloud-native, serverless and built as a series of microservices – a major differentiator in the video asset management market.

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We have a core collaboration and transcode platform enhanced with 9 native micro-services. The whole solution is API-led allowing for tech stack integration.

Overcast and AWS Platform Structure
The Overcast platform built on AWS is cloud-native, serverless and built as micro-services

Overcast offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale operations. 

These services are trusted by the largest enterprises across a number of verticals (Media & Entertainment, Drinks, Automotive, Healthcare, Government, Policing and more) to automate workflows, accelerate time-to-market and decrease costs through 3 key principles:

  • Driving creativity through collaboration
  • Empowering ALL stakeholders in video workflows
  • Automating with an emphasis on applicable AI

Clients like Wildbrain, Vodafone, Yeti and The Daily Mail Group choose Overcast because it goes beyond the traditional MAM processes of search and deliver, to include TRANSFORM – ie the ability to both ingest and deliver content in multiple formats and versions.

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Why should customers care about Overcast and AWS’s combined solution?

Enterprise clients require cloud-native, serverless, microservices environments to manage video assets within customer deployed accounts in an intuitive and secure way.  

Monolithic MAMs, PAMs and DAMs lack the functionality and flexibility of Overcast services and AWS cloud workflows. Overcast HQ provides a white-label fully intuitive User Interface (UI) to allow operational staff to exploit the power of the solution and the underlying cloud infrastructure which is enabled through our AWS partnership.

We deliver MEDIA PIPELINE MANAGEMENT solutions that are configured to optimise existing video tech stacks, optimise complex video workflows, and allow all stakeholders (not just editors and engineers) to manage video content. 

Our platform allows customers to collaborate, search, review & approve, transcode and therefore spend up to 90% less time managing content.  We are one of a very few number of solution providers built post-2015 to be able to take advantage of the latest suite of cloud-native, serverless technologies.

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The Advantages of Overcast’s AWS Partnership

  • Optimisation of cost control for storage, compute and streaming.
  • Increased client engagement in business critical operations as opposed to support. Overcast can be deployed either as SaaS or on a client’s existing AWS account. This is especially useful if they have an AWS Enterprise Discount Program in place.
  • Increased deployment of SaaS on demand cloud architecture as opposed to traditional CAPEX models
  • Secure remote working.
  • A deep knowledge of video workflow issues and trusted relationships with M&E, Digital advertising, Justice and Public safety clients.

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