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Sunday Business Post: Overcast Platform for Sharing Videos

Businesses that use video as part of their marketing strategy know that the medium is effective but finicky for cross-platform sharing. Enter Overcast, an ambitious startup that wants to be the Google Docs for video. Founder Philippe Brodeur says that when videos are uploaded to Overcast’s cloud system, the file is formatted to play on any device.

Launched in September 2016, Overcast, the Platform for Sharing Videos, was named by Google as one of the top Irish startups to watch. The company also won Enterprise Ireland’s Sprint competition for high-potential startups, picking up a cheque for €2,500.

“A recent Linkedln survey found that 93% of marketers now use video,” says Brodeur. “Platforms such as YouTube and Facebook all require different video file formats. We do all this formatting for customers in the background.”

Brodeur advises businesses to tap into video promotion, but not to stop with just one video. “You need to create a volume of videos and to be constantly talking to clients and customers. We help businesses to scale in this way more cost- effectively and efficiently.” speaking about his platform for sharing videos.

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