How to upload your folder structure in Overcast

How to upload your folder structure in Overcast

In the below video, Stephen will go through how to upload your folder structure in Overcast.

To upload your folder structure:

  • First, create a project, this is done through the upper left menu → projects → create a new project.
    • Give it a name and add someone to it.
  • Drag and drop a folder of files, this folder can have as many subfolders as you’d like.
    • Overcast will read the folder structure and replicate it in the project automatically.
  • You can see as it’s being uploaded, that it’s identifying the structure as seen here.
    • If you don’t want to folder structure copied then you can just click the blue button before you click upload.
  • If we go into the project now and click on the folder we uploaded, we can see that it’s created the subfolders, some of which are nested inside their subfolders

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