Frequently Asked Questions about Overcast and our platform.


Overcast is video management platform designed by video professionals for professionals working with video.

Overcast makes it easy to collaborate on video projects from concept brief through pre-production, production publishing and archiving.

At the core – Overcast is built to help professionals and teams manage video as easily as you can word documents

  • Upload your videos in almost any format for sharing with team members or collaborators. The rule is that if we don’t support the format now – we’ll work at supporting it in the future
  • Deliver precise feedback with time-stamped comments and instant approvals
  • Create clips and change thumbnails
  • Manage metadata
  • Download your videos in a variety of available formats – we’ll take care of the technology – you choose where you want to publish it to
  • Safely archive your footage for quick and easy access

…create video content that requires many eyes during the production process,

Creatives – if you make video for clients and want to improve the client relationship then Overcast is for you..

Brands – 93% of marketers now work with video. Time to start owning the process and owning the archive.

Publishers – everyone with a website is now a publishers. Some use a lot of video, some a little and some are thinking about it. If you have trouble tracking where your video is and need to manage your workflows better then you should be using Overcast.

Media Agencies – if you are busy managing clients and multiple creative agencies and struggle with in-house expertise around formatting, management and the sharing of video then you need Overcast. Or if you simply want to improve your client experience – then it’s time to give us a call.

Broadcasters and telcos – it’s time to start thinking differently and extending your reach on internet connected devices and platforms. Empower your social teams, marketers and sales teams to offer online products that promote and extend the reach of your broadcast platform.

Production companies – collaboration, co-productions, promotion – the workflows around content are every changing and your access to world markets have never been easier. Manage your content and your time better with Overcast.

Content owners – whether you work in a University or are mapping the countryside with drones – businesses of all sorts are using more and more video. With it comes complications and Overcast is an asset management system that helps you manage large and complex files.

At Overcast we offer a truly end-to-end solution that starts with understanding the fundamentals of video for business.

There are plenty of tools and platforms for editing or streaming – but being able to collaborate on, share and manage video is at the heart of what we do for teams any business leaders.

It’s intuitive, non-technical and effective – just what busy professionals need when they want to grow their business.

We listen to our customers and are constantly optimising the features to make it better. We pride ourselves on our customer service and helping you achieve your goals.

Absolutely not. We tailor our platform based on our customer user experience feedback, so it’s easy to use no matter what’s your professional background.
We don’t offer any static price packages. Overcast pricing system is based on your needs and wishes. Knowing that, we are able to scale with it.
Admin – Someone who performs administrative duties on a platform. Admin can set privileges to team members and collaborators. Also, admin can manage account details.
Team member – A person who uses or operates on the platform. Team member can create and manage projects.
Collaborator – A associate that can see or work on a given project.
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