YETI – a case study

YETI uses Overcast Max to upgrade international video creation and distribution.


YETI is an American manufacturer specialising in outdoor products such as ice chests, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel drinkware, soft coolers, and related accessories. The YETI brand has come to symbolise an active, premium, authentic lifestyle. The YETI content team works globally across all major markets. With demand increasing for content across YETI platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, as well as more traditional methods of broadcasting, YETI saw the need to upgrade their solution for managing their media appropriately.

The Challenge

The YETI team realised they needed to replace numerous hard drives and antiquated equipment with a secure, cloud-native, and searchable indexed collection of finished media assets. They needed to replace separate systems across different departments with an intuitive searchable solution, that provided a single point of truth and allowed access from anywhere in the world for remote working. Critically they wanted a solution that was intuitive for all users in the YETI marketing organisation.

The Solution

With Overcast, YETI undoubtedly saved time spent in handling media but also took their media asset management to next level.

  • Overcast MAX delivers remote collaboration, search, review and approval and archive management. The solution is delivered through a web portal and thus is accessible remotely and from any device. 
  • YETI found synergy within Overcast MAX’s overriding ethos of simplicity of use, much like their own products. With an intuitive user interface (UI), Overcast met YETI’s need to make this a creative and technical operating system, with no prior technical knowledge required by staff. 
  • YETI initially planned to restrict the use of the Overcast MAX video platform for live production management. But they soon realised that Overcast MAX could manage all their content. And now they are in the process of ingesting more than half a million video files and making the platform available for all staff.


  • Over half a million video files ingested
  • Storage cost reduced by upto 80%
  • 10x faster processing from post to publishing

The YETI Content Hub continues to evolve with Overcast with a feature roadmap that includes new AI capabilities and automation.

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