DIAGEO – a case study

In just 6 months Diageo have been able to reframe their global video experience and empower teams around the world to do in minutes what used to take days, weeks and even months.


Diageo is a global leader in premium drinks with more than 200 brands. With a HQ in London, Diageo employs more than 30,000 people globally and is the home to much loved brands like Johnnie Walker, Guinness and newcomers like Tanqueray 0.0.
Diageo is obsessed with building brands and telling great stories. Creativity with precision describes how they effectively combine data, insights and innovation with creative flair to build stories around some of the world’s most iconic brands. In just 6 months, Diageo have been able to reframe their global video experience by empowering creative teams around the world to do in minutes what used to take day, weeks and even months.

The Challenge

Like many premium brands, Diageo shifted its marketing focus to omni-channel campaigns with an emphasis on video. Despite working with leading creatives, campaign processes were still old-fashioned, time consuming and costly. Workflows simply had not caught up with the times. To top it off, there was no centralised storage. Agencies controlled the content that Diageo owned the rights to, yet each agency had a different way of storing the content – some on hard drives, some on desktops and some clouds like Dropbox. Diageo knew they needed better control of their video assets if they
were going to scale their video operations. And they also wanted to use the latest data technologies like AI tagging and transcription to empower
their teams to find content no matter where they were in the world.

The Solution

The cloud-native Overcast Video Hub is now a core component of the Diageo Content Hub which also includes a cloud-native DAM. Diageo’s content teams and 60+ agencies ingest, store, collaborate on and archive all video marketing campaign material. All content is now controlled centrally.

  • An intuitive user interface meets Diageo’s need to make the system creative and operator-friendly – designed to be used by creatives, producers and staff with no prior technical knowledge.
  • All content is tagged using AI to make it possible to search within the videos and eliminating hours and days of scrolling through content.
  • Reuse targets have been set to extract additional value from rights owned content dramatically reducing costs and aligning with ESG strategies.


  • 500k+ videos ingested and AI tagged
  • £1m saved in first 6 months
  • 60+ agencies & 1,500+ marketers onboarded.

The Diageo Content Hub continues to evolve with Overcast with a feature roadmap that includes new AI capabilities and automation.

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