DCU – a case study

The following is a brief introduction to our DCU Case Study which can be viewed in full below.

Dublin City University is ranked globally in the top 50 under 50.  It’s an innovative campus where they are not fearful in taking on new challenges assignments.

The Challenge:

The president of DCU is dynamic. His message as an educator is to push the boundaries and use the latest technologies to make the point.  One of the major changes over the past decade has been in the way that students in their late teens and early 20s use video to communicate. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube – there are many places that students live and the President’s office made the decision that they needed to be there as well. For the Corporate Communications department, that meant learning how to create social video.

The Solution:

Overcast’s Video-Content-as-a-Service Platform was implemented for 3 workflows:

  • as a digital asset management and archive system to manage everything from video to images and documents
  • as a workflow tool to be able to transcode and reformat the content for distribution on the social platforms
  • as a review and approvals solution so that the President could manage make timely suggestions on his smartphone while out of the office

The Result:

As there was nothing to install and nothing to download (it’s all browser based) the IT department gave the go-ahead to implement the new system immediately.

Being able to get up and running in minutes allowed the small team to transfer their content immediately and start planning for the next shoot.

The resulting time savings meant the team were no longer under pressure to meet deadlines and actually had extra time to produce more communications for the president.

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