Video Content: Hard Drives Akimbo…So Last Decade!

video content

“83% of marketers said they’d create more video content if there were no obstacles like time,
resources and budget.”
— Buffer

The good news — no, the great news! — is that the right platform will save you time and money, and will optimise your use of available resources, including the sweat of your hardworking team. 

Drowning in a deluge of drives

So why is large-scale video so difficult to manage? The primary problem is that there can be too many silos of media or disconnected systems that don’t work together: hard drives akimbo with your video files spread out between them. This makes it very difficult to find clips and requires multiple tools to manage your video, which results in slow management of assets, duplication of tasks and a complicated workflow.

In this scenario, it’s also difficult to track asset use: where they’re used, who is using them, and how frequently they are used. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give it up for…

…an all-singing, all-dancing video management platform, one that:

  • facilitates easy collaboration;
  • allows you to add and edit captions without having to type them out;
  • allows you to find the clip that you need by searching images and text in your videos;
  • logs all actions so that you can measure everything;
  • propagates changes to a source asset to all the derivative variants; and
  • creates multiple renditions of an asset in different formats for distribution.

To use or not to use?

An additional challenge, which can prove tricky, is licensing content. If you accidentally breach usage rights due to you not knowing the licensing terms for a certain clip, it can, consequentially, end up being expensive for you. With so many video assets, how do you keep track of the license for each one of them? . A crucial component of your chosen platform is the facility to attach licensing details to every asset, therefore, no matter who uses it, you won’t be exposed to astronomical fees.

“26% of businesses create video content daily — creating more videos more often is the goal” — Forbes.

Backstage brilliance = a seamless performance

Time is of the essence for busy teams and they justifiably expect an efficient, effortless video experience. They need a streamlined platform that’s easy to use, automates tasks, has expert support and is accessible everywhere on any device.

By using a platform that replaces dozens of other tools, you can put your customer at the centre of the production matrix with all services — social media, corporate communications, training, safety, recruitment and advertising — targeted at customer success.

In our next post we will look at how to distribute to lots of different platforms in various formats without a degree in transcoding.

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