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Our Story

At Overcast, we love video.  And you’re here because you love video too. The thing is — video is great until you have to manage it.  Why is it so difficult?

Actually, it’s not anymore.

Everyone has a solution.  Our early critics said:

“Why don’t you just use YouTube or Vimeo?”

They’re fine if you want to watch video, but what about security, privacy and managing rushes?

“How about WeTransfer and Dropbox?”

Again, great until you’re faced with downloading hundreds of versions onto your computer.

“How about memory sticks and hard drives?”

They’re fine too until you need to search for something or need a secure backup. In fact, there are so many ways to share, collaborate on and manage video that you are always wasting your time with tools that are not developed specifically for video.

Production workflows end up feeling like they are held together with duct tape and chewing gum.

Businesses use video to communicate both externally (to their clients and consumers) and internally (to their staff).

Our mission is to make the whole video ecosystem easier to manage by replacing multiple tools with one simple management system.


Philippe Brodeur

Philippe Brodeur – CEO and Founder of Overcast HQ

Philippe’s first foray into TV was working for the BBC when he went on a news shoot — it took five of them (camera operator, lighting engineer, sound recordist, reporter and producer) and two taxi drivers to gather a 15-second clip. Ever since he’s been on a mission to make it easier to watch and work with video. Overcast HQ is a result of his love for both technology and TV. His other great passions include coaching his sons at rugby and skiing in the Alps.

Zsolt Lorincz – CTO and Founder of Overcast HQ

Award-winning developer, born in Transylvania and now living in Dublin, Ireland. Since the early 2000s, Zsolt has worked on multiple projects involving the development of CMS systems, e-shops, mobile apps and media asset management platforms. In our team Zsolt is not only the CTO and Founder of Overcast HQ, he is the heart and soul of our platform. When Zsolt is not developing software, you can often find him on a basketball court or taking long walks in the mountains.

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