The Irish Times – a case study

The following is a brief introduction to our The Irish Times Case Study which can be viewed in full below.

One of the leading producers of high-quality news video, The Irish Times reaches millions of people every single day.   In the growing world of online video, staying competitive demands a fast, painless workflow.

The Challenge:

The small team in the marketing department needed to develop promotional content that they could distribute on behalf of their advertisers online and on social.

Content was often delivered to them as a finished version. Without any editing or specialist video software, they were unable to repurpose the content for distribution.

The Solution:

Overcast’s Digital Asset management solution was implemented. The marketing team took less than an hour to get on-boarded and start working with the solution.

The Result:

The results met all the groups KPIs.

The Overcast solution’s ease of use made it simple for anyone to use the system and take part. Training took minutes rather than days and the whole team was up and working on the system ahead of time.

Being mobile responsive added an extra level of competency. The many legacy DAMs and MAMs they had been using were PC based and office based – inflexible. By deploying Overcast, they were able to manage content on their mobiles and rather than having to do it all while office based.

The speed to market was enhanced by the audit trail and ability to chase down assets when they got stuck in lines of reviews and approvals when various people were out of the office.

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