Irish Daily Mail – a case study

The following is a brief introduction to our Irish Daily Mail Case Study which can be viewed in full below.

The Challenge:

The Irish Daily Mail built an in-house studio to become an agency creating video content for in-house editorial and external clients. The external clients included brands that advertised with them as well as their parent company in London.  They needed to create simple workflows to ingest multiple formats, capture live social content and  publish on multiple web platforms as well as multiple social platforms.

The Solution:

The Irish Daily Mail had 3 people working in the studio and started by taking 3 licences. They had spent a lot of money on the studio, new equipment and new hires that they didn’t want to invest in something that was not going to be right for the organisations. They needed a solution that could scale with their needs and demands. They grew the licences to 40 by the end of 3 months.

The Overcast Enterprise solution was able to cater for 2 distinct needs – editorial content and branded content made for clients. Much of the editorial content was made in studio and required approvals within the organisation. Rather than having to run to the studio 5-6 times per day, editors were able to watch content on their PCs and approve it from their desks before it was published to the various websites.

The second solution – for clients – needed to be flexible enough that non-technical client relationship managers and their clients could easily view and review the branded content they were making for them.

Image recognition and voice to text were included to make search much easier and to able to dynamically embed subtitles which ultimately freed up editors so they could make more quality content.

The Result:

The sales department who were selling the branded content packages to clients no longer had to spend hours going over review and approval documents on Word adding timecodes and crosschecking them with the content. This freed them up to sell more branded content to other clients.

Web and Social videos need to be put in multiple different formats to fit the appropriate platform. Any one video could have up to 12 different versions for the Daily Mail Group. The Automatic transcoder and reformatting solution on the Overcast platform allowed non-editors to create their own versions and free up the editors to spend more time on creative tasks.

For journalists in the field, mobile ingest allowed them to get content into the hands of editors safely and securely without having to return to base.

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