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Video about our Platform – What is Overcast?

Why we do it

For years, we’ve been told that video is the best way to market our business. But they can be expensive and difficult to make. Here’s the problem: videos come in so many formats and are so huge that they’re difficult to store, share and collaborate on. It can be a real pain. Now there’s a new way to manage video. Instead of saving your video on your computer and sending copies around, lets switch it around and save it all on the internet. Then, let Overcast automatically create a version that can be viewed on any platform and any device.

How can we help

Basically, you can log in your Overcast account and upload your videos where they are saved. Overcast then automatically creates audience ready version that can be viewed by anyone on any device. To share it with your team, all you need to do is to send your invite email with a link. Then, with a single click, those team members can see the video and comment on it. And that’s not all. If you want to post a video to your company’s website or social media sites, you can do that too with a single click of a button. With Overcast, you can save all your video rushes and your finished video no matter what the format is, and that makes it easier for everyone. Now rather than spending your time firefighting, you can make more videos and market your business much better.


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