5 Ways That Prove Video Content Can Boost Your Business

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5 Ways That Prove Video Content Can Boost Your Business

Think about it – how often do you come across text on the web that looks like a squashed wet page of a book? And how often do you continue reading when it becomes clear that the site is committing you to an essay? Tweet: 5 Ways That Prove Video Content Can Boost Your Business 

Even while reading, we’re visualising in our heads. It’s just how we work.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth? Turns out nerds over at Forrester Research actually checked, and a video is worth a word count of ~1.8 million. Think how much easier those college essays could have been.

Forrester’s tests made a few discoveries useful for marketers:

  • 300% increase click-throughs in email blasts.Three. Hundred. Percent.
  • Unbounce reports that including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.
  • Reach mobile users – especially commuters. Emarketer reports an average video watch time of about 60 minutes a day on phones and tablets.
  • Customers online are incredibly self-directed. The more mediums you market your brand through, the more customers will come across you. Forrester discovered that about three-quarters of executives trawl the web for work-related video content in their evenings, looking for small ways to improve their own productivity. Consumers will spend three to four hours on video reviews of a product before purchase.
    Staff will spend up to nine hours researching an alternative software for work they can bring to their boss. You’ve probably done 2 of these 3 yourself. So turn the tables. Order a decent mid-range camera, paint a white background and show the world how you’re useful.Out of respect for our readers, here’s a link to the first result on Google for “Mid range video cameras for bloggers.” It’s not easy, guys, but we do it for you.
  • Traffic – start with SEO. That 500-word post you’ve written needs a video to go with it, and that video needs to be watchable to past the 60% mark.It’s also just easier for the consumer to watch a short video about your product than to read about it.Sell a service? Make a video demo of it.
    Got wisdom? Share it.

To ignore video is to leave video-led customers’ money on the table. Ultimately, it’s about taking something you know the consumer wants and meeting them on their terms – for a lot of people, those terms are through video.

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