Producers, Distributors, and Content Owners

Make search and retrieval easy for your teams. Store content in a single location. And sell more by automating reformatting for different platforms and regions.

Producers, Distributors, and Content Owners

TV and video production is complex. There are hundreds of formats, dozens of platforms to publish to and new technologies are emerging daily. How do you keep up?

When making video is your business, you have to be on top of the latest, greatest technology and you need the tools to be efficient using it. There are a few key business processes that remain constant: you need to store your content, you need to be able to search it no matter what format, you need to be able to distribute it anywhere in the world, and most importantly you need to make it easy for your clients and stakeholders to collaborate on the content during the creation process.

Overcast is a business-first platform for content creators, distributors and owners.  Our core principles – collaborate, share, manage – are underpinned by the simple idea that anybody should be able to manage the content.  We make it easy for less technical sales and marketing teams, as well as adept editors and camera people to manage their content as simply as possible.

Overcast is designed to:

  • Scale existing infrastructure to create a hybrid/on-premise solution.
  • Move from a capex to opex operating model.
  • Facilitate distribution onto all platforms including emerging websites.
  • Deploy the latest technical solutions.

View our Products section for more details on how we can make your professional life easier.

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