Manage media smarter not harder

Automate your media workflows while you focus on growing your business.

AI Search functionality

AI powered automation and search

Overcast uses AI powered audio transcription and recognition to auto tag your content and create a powerful search engine inside your videos.

AI can identify patterns and similarities in media assets to recommend related or similar content. This feature can help users discover relevant assets they may have missed and facilitate content reuse and repurposing.

Performance based cloud native storage

Gone are the days of paying $50-$80 TB/month for cloud storage. Overcast engineers have devised a system to reduce costs to as little as $1 TB/month.

Overcast also converts an industry-leading 1200 formats including HD, 4k, 8k, 3D and CCTV.

Cloud-native storage
Remote editing with Overcast

Remote editing at a faster pace

Integrated with top editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Overcast’s super-fast cloud editing platform is built for speed and performance for when your remote production teams need to access the same content from anywhere in the world.

Discover why leading companies are
shifting from digital asset management
to media asset management

In today’s digital era, managing media assets efficiently is critical for organisations across
industry. This whitepaper explores the transformative power of Media Asset
Management (MAM) and the compelling reasons for organisations to transition from

Workflow automation – archive retrieval

Access all your content at the touch of a button with Overcast’s “always on” intelligent archive solution.

Automate transcoding, format conversion, metadata tagging, archive, review & approval and other workflows to reduce manual effort, improve efficiency, and ensure consistent and standardised processes for managing media assets throughout their lifecycle.

Archive management
Business intelligence and analytics-DAM

Business intelligence for ROI and growth measurement

Overcast offers a customised analytics dashboard to gain insights into video usage, performance, engagement and track user behaviour.

Enable a world of data-driven decision making & optimisation of media

“It’s at least 10 times faster to find things. We have 27 users on four different continents from three different companies…and one very happy Alex!”

Alexandra Bailey, Media Manager, CPL.

Got a question? Just ask.

Our experts can talk you through our features, their capabilities and how they can help your business excel. Every business is different. If you want to know what’s right for you, talk to us.

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