3D Asset Management

Manage all your media files including 3D easily on the cloud from one centralised hub.

Store and manage 3D files

  • Store, organise and retrieve 3D content efficiently.
  • Establish a clear and logical folder structure to organize 3D assets.
  • Searching 3D content is easy with AI and advanced search.
  • Manage all your 3D formats including usd(usd, usda, usdc, usdz), fbx, glb, gltf, obj, 3ds, ply,stl, wrl.

Viewer designed specifically for your 3D content

  • View, interact and manipulate 3D models with the Overcast 3D viewer.
  • View content from any angle, spin it around for a 360-degree view, and zoom in and out for more detail.
  • Change the background colour and adjust the light for the best viewer experience.
  • Automatically generate thumbnails or create your own with just one click.

Collaboration and sharing

  • Review and approval can be done with a single click.
  • Sharing both 3D and 2D content is no longer challenging.
  • Streamline workflows and empower teams to be more efficient.
  • Integrate with Moxion’s workflows.
  • Watermarking to protect all your brand assets.

Full Stack



Experience the 3D viewer

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