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Overcast Wins ‘Best In Show’ Award At NAB 2018

Overcast HQ, a leading provider of cloud-based video collaboration software, is proud to announce that it won the ‘Best In Show’ Award at NAB 2018.

Overcast HQ founders Philippe Brodeur and Zsolt Lorincz were in Las Vegas to collect the award, which was sponsored by Sprockit.

The NAB Show is a leading global showcase for ground-breaking technology, innovative solutions and game-changing trends. It attracts a broad range of professionals working in online video, AI, AR, VR, broadcast, film, gaming, IOT, post production, social media, streaming and many other related industries.

Overcast HQ CEO Philippe Brodeur says, “Creating video content is essential for all brands. But let’s be honest, it’s still difficult. Format fragmentation and an over-reliance on highly-skilled editors and engineers has always limited what the average content owner or marketer can do with video assets. That’s changing. We have worked tirelessly to automate many processes using smart cloud workflows and machine learning — and it’s paying off for businesses on their top and bottom lines.”

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