Changing the game for video content owners…

Cloud Native Architecture

Cloud Native Architecture

We were born in the cloud. That’s very different from traditional DAMs, MAMs, PAMs and CMSs that are lifted and shifted to the cloud. It’s all about micro-services orchestrated for your specific needs

Video Content-as-a-Service

Transcoder First

With more than 500 video formats and 5,000 cctv formats, you need a solution that 1. guarantees your upload and 2. ensures you can stream to all devices. That’s why we use 5 different transcoders

Workflow Automation

Our award-winning design and UI mask the automation of complex video processes. We make it easy for non-techies to engage with the video supply chain


Cost / Sales Optimisation

Small teams can choose off-the-shelf SaaS solutions while larger organisations can take advantage of access to real-time usage data, cost simulations and secure audit logs 

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