Overcast Wins “Best In Show” at NAB 2018 | Las Vegas

Overcast wins Best In Show Award at NAB 2018

Overcast Wins “Best In Show” at NAB 2018 | Las Vegas

Overcast won “Best In Show” at NAB 2018. Sponsored by Sprockit, the award went to Overcast for its innovative video collaboration platform.

Overcast’s Video Content-as-a-Service platform is the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective way to view, review, approve, share, transcode, distribute, archive and control your content. It’s cloud-native and easily integrates with your existing technologies. Therefore it’s futureproofed. It uses AI to automate processes, saving you money.

NAB 2018’s presentations and contributor focused on 3 themes.

  • Competition in the television industry. 
  • Dealing with the process of disintermediation caused by the internet.
  • The move from television being in a data-poor business environment to being a data-rich environment.

About NAB:

Each year, thousands of content professionals from all corners of the media, entertainment and technology ecosystem go to NAB Show. Therefore it’s designed for those striving to drive listeners and engage viewers in larger numbers for greater reach. And it’s imagined for those seeking to create uncommon audio and visual experiences.

No matter where you fall on the content continuum—from creation to distribution, management to monetization. NAB is where you’ll find a renewed path to clarity and confidence that takes your work in bold new directions.

If you want to find more information, visit the NAB website for more details.

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