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Simplify your tech stack

Manage your video and other digital content from a single platform. Simply and easily integrate your existing technologies – or decommission them over time.

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The old approach to video content management is wrong

Traditionally, video was siloed in organisations while managed by engineers and editors. Now, with the advances in automation and AI services, video can be managed across an organisation by less-technical employees.

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Video content distribution is changing

Most organisations now deliver video across a number of channels – broadcast, web, social, apps, affiliate networks, in-store, stadiums. Previously, when organisations introduced new channels of distribution they would also create new content pipelines. This led to silos and costly duplication. Now we can work from a “single source of truth” and manage it with a “single pane of glass.”

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Scaling the distribution of video is core to all enterprise organisations

Whether you are a Hollywood studio, publisher, or simply a business that understands the power of video, you’ll know that we pay a lot to produce quality content. Value is only derived when we distribute it – and to maximize that value it’s essential to simplify the supply chain.

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Adding value through microservices

There are plenty of tools that have been used for a single purpose – storage, transcoding and metadata enrichment to name a few. Value is created when you consolidate and orchestrate those microservices for speed and efficiency.

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