Software Automation Tester

Principal Duties & Responsibilities include:

  • Understand product requirements, functional and design specifications to effectively develop automated test strategies for our products.
  • Creating and executing test plans against our solutions, including web and API’s.
    Writing test automation code and configuring test frameworks.
  • Devise, maintain and extend automation framework (Selenium and/or others) to ensure our solution infrastructure is reliable, resilient, and extensible. This will involve developing automated functional UI tests &
  • API/Service level tests.
  • Design and implement non-functional testing strategies to validate aspects such as performance, scalability, reliability etc.
  • Work closely with the development teams to identify test cases that can be automated for new feature releases.
  • Identify, troubleshoot, and track defects to resolution.
  • Participate in planning and agile ceremonies as part of the agile delivery of products and features.
  • Research and propose innovative solutions and technologies for our testing needs.
  • Provide progress updates to line management.
  • Self-motivated to continually learn and adopt the latest industry innovations and technology.

Hands-on experience with the following:

  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in QA testing with significant automation exposure.
  • Solid experience testing Web applications, API’s and complex integrations.
  • Experience with web development frameworks would be beneficial.
  • Experience working in an agile environment.
  • A strong understanding of test architectures and frameworks.
  • Excellent teamwork ethic with the ability to work collaboratively with others both technical and non-technical.
  • Experience working in a TDD environment.
  • Ability to work independently.

Technical Experience should include the following:

  • Coding/scripting experience such as JavaScript, Python, PHP.
  • Experience working in Cloud environments (AWS)
  • Experience working with source control and an understanding of branching strategies (Git preferred).
  • Experience with testing tools such as Postman, Selenium, etc.
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL

Please send applications with CV and role to

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