Overcast Selected for MovieLabs’ 2030 Vision Showcase

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that MovieLabs (Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc.) has selected Overcast to present a case study at its 2030 Vision Showcase!

MovieLabs’ 2030 Vision Showcase Program

The 2030 Showcase Program recognises organisations in the Media & Entertainment industry that are applying emerging cloud and production technologies in accordance with MovieLabs’ 2030 Vision Principles.

“These companies are advancing the industry and reinventing the media creation ecosystem and, in the process, helping realise the MovieLabs 2030 Vision’s goals of enhanced efficiency and interoperability.”

— MovieLabs

Principles of MovieLabs’ 2030 Vision 

In July 2022, MovieLabs made a call for case studies that demonstrated one or more of the 10 Principles of its 2030 Vision.

“We were overwhelmed by excellent submissions from across the media industry. We narrowed them down to 10 initial case studies that we will be publishing on our website later this year. These use cases demonstrate parts of the 2030 Vision that can be implemented today and should be a reference for others that are looking for guidance and approaches that can deliver today on the benefits envisioned in the 2030 Vision.”

— MovieLabs

Today, we discovered that our submission was one of the chosen few!

As part of its 2030 Showcase program, MovieLabs will highlight Overcast’s case study of its Live and OnDemand cloud based workflows for Britain’s Royal Opera House.

They judged that our case study clearly demonstrates two of the core Principles of their 2030 Vision: cloud-based workflows and propagation of privileges publishing media through a workflow (instead of moving assets).

Who else is participating in the 2030 Vision Showcase?

Overcast is in good company: the other organisations with selected cases studies are Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Dreamworks Animation, Microsoft, Prime Focus Technologies, ProductionPro, Skywalker Sound, Sony Pictures/Sony Ci and Disney Studios Content. Congratulations to all!

Meet us at IBC 2022

This announcement is very timely because Overcast CEO Philippe Brodeur will be at the IBC Show 2022 in Amsterdam from 9th to 12th September. It’s the ideal opportunity for you to learn about our full-stack video asset management platform. Just click here to book a meeting with Philippe to discover how Overcast can automate your workflow and simplify your work!

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