Sports Rights Holders, Broadcasters and Sponsors

Overcast MAX brings together 3 key technologies to create a unique platform to help sports organisations unlock the true value of their content.

1. Cloud video content management
2. AI and machine learning services
3. Your quality data feeds

Traditionally these 3 technologies were separated, siloed. No longer. Overcast MAX makes it possible to own all your content – premium events, news, training, PR and more – and manage it effectively from a central hub


A Central Content Hub

Securely ingest, search, share and sell content – you control your revenue

How VOTN and the the IRFU deployed live streaming and a cloud video content management system for global content distribution

"We use Overcast to deliver multi-format video to more than 50 global media organisations including the BBC, Reuters, AP and Virgin Media"

Industry Leading enterprise security


DPP Committed to Security and ISO27001 compliance in the cloud protects data at source


All users are authorised when logging in and a full audit log tracks all actions on the platform

Identity management

Multi-factor authentication, encryption and access control ensure security

Easy does it – solving video content management with speed and cost efficiency so you can spend more time on value creation

Cloud hosted

Manage all your video and digital media content from a single hub that can be accessed from anywhere

Drag-and-Drop interface

Live, VoD, ingest or streaming – it can all be done with the click of a button.

3rd party Collaboration

Sales, Marketing, Trainers, Judicial, Medical – securely and effectively share content from a single hub

Data analytics

Audience, digital, Opta, Attendance, sponsorship – know the value of your content and generate new revenue streams from a single dashboard

Interoperable systems

Integrate with your existing CMS and other software to optimise workflows across the organisation

For teams with social media workflows to broadcast organisations with large video archives


Manage the lifecycle of programming from commission to production, post-production, distribution and archive


Create great customer experiences sharing content and managing relationships

Social Media Production

Templated one-click transcoding and reformatting for multiple social platforms


Manage video content without the need of a broadcast infrastructure

Enterprise Brands

All brands create video content in marketing, sales, product ownership, HR, corporate communications – remove the silos and stop the duplication

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