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Digital Asset Management for Publishers & Broadcasters

Traditionally, publishers and broadcasters would swap out one system for another and incur large capex costs. But that doesn’t have to be the way. Overcast is a digital asset management platform designed to help publishers and broadcasters scale their online and social presence in their own time.

The Overcast solution for enterprise video content owners is designed to:

Give publishers and broadcasters a digital asset management platform designed to boost their video content. Help scale into the cloud without having to change proven workflows. Reduce the huge capital costs associated with on-premise storage. Build relationships with producers and other broadcasters around the world. Open new market and sales opportunities

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Instant Commenting

Instant Commenting – like instant messaging – allows you to collaborate in real time with your team, colleagues and clients.
Oh – and all comments are time-stamped so you know exactly what part of the video you are referring to.

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Share Your Digital Assets With Colleagues & Clients

We make it easy to share video by email – by sending a secure link – or by notification.

Instant Approval

We all know an approval process takes time. It can take a lot of time and be spread over many meetings.
Overcast can save you and your team up to 75% of your time by doing it clearly, online and in one place.


Easy To Use

Overcast’s easy UI allows anyone to find a video, edit it, clip it, transcode it, and publish it in seconds.

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Workflow Integration

Need to share your early version of a video with your boss or clients?
Need to switch your video over to a format best suited for a certain platform?
Want to publish directly to social from anywhere?

We have you covered.

Infinite Storage

There is no limit to the amount of content you can store on Overcast.
You don’t have to worry about buying new servers or deleting content if you don’t want to.

Searchable Archive

With the offer of infinite scaling comes infinite archiving.
Archiving on Overcast lets you access your current projects with ease and lets you search anything and everything you’ve uploaded.

Publish to Social

Take advantage of how different social media platforms rank videos in users feeds by letting Overcast convert them losslessly into the formats and settings they prefer.

Transcoding Made Easy

You can download your content in formats optimized for just about everything – from broadcast quality to Facebook HD or even Kindle.
We have it covered. Simple.

Changing Thumbnails

Pick the image directly from the video or choose an image from your files.
Advertisers call it click-bait. We just think it makes sense.

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